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Olla price list 2014

Olla prices for Spring and Summer 2014

1 Pint…………………$11 or 2 for $20

1/3 gallon…………..$15 or 2 for $28

1/2 gallon…………..$18 or 2 for $32

1 gallon……………..$23 or 2 for $40

1 1/2 gallon………..$28 or 2 for $48

The sizes are approximate, usually holding more than the stated capacity. Plus the pot itself stores water within its wall thickness so each vessel should hold more than the stated volume.


Freshly thrown Olla!

I’m back into olla production. This is one of a dozen of my one pint models. I’ve revised the neck a little from last year; making it possible to bury it a bit deeper. There’s not quite so much flare to the throat either so it should fill better without that bathtub swirl.
When I say it’s a one pint model, it will actually hold closer to 3 cups and then there’s always the volume of the wall thickness that will hold a little more, beyond the interior volume. So they aren’t useful as measuring devices in the kitchen!
Once I get these finished, I’ll move up to the next size. If you’d like some ollas, let me know. The prices are the same as last year. I have those posted in an archived post.

Dry land crop

Here’s the dry land crop. In the image below you can see the irrigation pipe. From this angle it’s hard to see the water coming out of the pipe but it’s there.

Maybe they will cast all right and I can get them cleaned up down the road one day and post them.

Casting Iron in New Mexico

I’ll be casting some iron sculpture in NM this week at Mesalands Community College 16th Annual Iron Pour.

I have 2 small pieces. These are the waxes that I’ll invest, burn out and cast. They’re sitting on a sheet of computer paper for scale.

One is a furrow irrigated crop and the other is dry land! They should prove to be a challenge to cast since each one is about 5-6 inches square and 7 inches tall. Each one will have at least 30 vents on top and who knows how the gate system will turn out!

Wish me luck!

Free Fertility

We had some pretty stiff wind here last week. It blew grain sorghum residue into the adjacent ditches. So, I gathered up six truck loads for mulch/compost materials for my market garden!
It will only go to waste if it stayed in the ditch. The County would burn it or it would have washed down stream, damming the ditch and washing out the road so I helped out a bit and re-purposed it!

Raised Beds at the university

Raised Beds

Here are the new raised beds that we installed at the university. We have a faucet at each bed so we can hook up a drip irrigation timer. Next Spring we will install some ollas when we put in the summer crops. Right now we have snow peas blooming. The green beans are finished and I planted wheat in the remaining beds to hold the soil and provide a wind break for tender seedlings and transplants. The wind blows pretty hard in this part of Texas in the Spring!

Hugelkultur bed

DSC01361Here’s a closer view of the bed looking toward the south. You can see a tomato on the far side, green beans in the middle and a couple of asparagus sprouts in the foreground. There are some zucchini even closer but you can’t see them. There are two ollas in there, among the green beans and a tuft of cotton that blew off of a module truck that was going down the county road. That’s how roundup ready genetics from Monsanto can infect private property…just so ya know!


This is one of the hugelkultur beds that I made last January. It has tomatoes, peppers, green beans and yellow squash planted on and behind it. You can see the drip irrigation line and if you look really close, you can see a couple of ollas on the far end to the left of the […]