Wet/Freeze on an Olla

by runningwaterpottery3533



We had 8 inches of snow on Monday, 2/25. The temperature has been fluctuating from about 18 degrees to 45 degrees. Here we see the results of the freeze/thaw/re-freeze cycle on an olla in a 5-6 gallon container.

Lesson: Always bring the ollas inside during the winter! This photo clearly answers many people’s questions about whether or not to pull the ollas out of the garden during the winter. So, treat them as you would any other flower pot and they should last quite a long time. Leave them, or any flower pots, outdoors in wet/freezing weather, and this is what happens.

It’s a natural weathering process, exactly the same as when the parent rock, granite, was weathered and erroded millions of years ago. That granite is the base material for feldspar which is the primary ingredient in most clay bodies. Nature is reclaiming herself in my front yard…