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Month: March, 2013

New Batch of Ollas

   Here’s a fresh batch of 1/2 gallon ollas! They actually hold closer to 5 cups so that makes them a bit oversized but I still call them 1/2 gallons.

   I’m gearing up for the new season so let me know if you need some of the newly re-designed ollas. They have a flat bottom for storage on a shelf in the winter, a better label, and a lid that can be removed with a ‘hook on a stick’ so you no longer have to bend over to remove the lid in order to refill it.


Here’s a diagram of how an olla works to keep water at the plant root level.


We had 8 inches of snow on Monday, 2/25. The temperature has been fluctuating from about 18 degrees to 45 degrees. Here we see the results of the freeze/thaw/re-freeze cycle on an olla in a 5-6 gallon container. Lesson: Always bring the ollas inside during the winter! This photo clearly answers many people’s questions about […]