A New Olla for Indoors!

by runningwaterpottery3533

I’ve been thinking about a few things as we’ve been getting ready to go back to school. It’s my hope that at least some of the people who are trying out ollas will comment here on the blog and pass along their experiences. The first ollas that I buried in the Community Garden failed to support onions. I think the onions were placed too far from the olla. I also put several ollas into a fresh, raised bed that I made out of a stock tank. That bed is still immature and I’ve used both surface irrigation and olla irrigation on that one. It made its first cucumbers a week ago. I put another small olla into a 4-5 gallon container, seen below, and raised zennias in it. It’s had that same potting soil in it for 3-4 years and it’s doing OK, not exceptional; just OK.

Having said all of that, I thought of how I might use the ollas indoors since winter is close at hand. I was cleaning up in my office, moving some ‘old’ pots around when I came across a Chip-N-Dip that I made as a demonstration piece last Spring. That’s when the idea of making a table top, olla planter hit me!

It’s really just a scaled down version of a key-hole garden. Perhaps it would be good for growing an herb garden for the kitchen? Or maybe I should add some lugs to the rim so I could pass rope through it and use it as a hanging garden for indoor use during the winter!

This design affords me the opportunity to galze the bowl part while leaving the olla part unglazed. Or, if I change to a nicer, red clay, perhaps they could be left natural. Hmmm….