Wayland Community Garden

by runningwaterpottery3533

Here’s a look at how the Wayland Community Garden is coming along. Yes, there really are rows in there but everything is growing together!

The drip irrigation has been nice. You can’t see it anymore since the crops are established and we have a thick layer of grass clippings over the top of the lasagne beds that were installed several months ago. You can see those images in an earlier post.

We started harvesting about a week ago. The veggies are going to Faith In Sharing House, a local food bank. We are keeping a log of how much we harvest. I’ll post that as we get the harvest going really full(er) steam. It’s time to plant the Fall crop pretty soon! Down on the far right, background, is where we had the weed solarizing experiment. You can just make out the ‘flat, shiny’ area where we laid plastic. It’s deteriorating in the intense sun so we will pull it out and plant the fall veggies in that space!