Watch for snakes!

by runningwaterpottery3533

   I’ve had some family business that’s kept me from tending my okra lately. So, yesterday I was watering it and installing some welded wire cages around the okra plants to keep the critters from eating it all. I stepped away from the okra patch to get some more cages and when I came back, I had a visitor!

   Do you recognize this guy? Nope, not a rattlesnake. He’s a Kingsnake. He laid in the water for a few minutes and then continued on his daily rounds. It’s a good thing that I understand who really owns the land so I know to expect periodic inspections and I don’t get caught off guard.

   When I was loading up the ollas 2 months ago, on the way to the Garden Show in Nazareth, I heard that distinct rattling sound as I stepped up on the steps leading into my studio. I’ve had rattlesnakes under those steps for years and years so I just whistle while I work and they know I’m coming so we have a mutal understanding of each others’ needs. Well, I couldn’t see him so I just stopped and talked outloud so I could find him. I stood there for a minute and never found him, but he was close!

   The last place to look for him was in between the screen door, which has a solid wood bottom, and the main door. There he was; laying on the threshold! He had crawled up between the two doors looking for a spot that the morning sun would warm up for him. The studio door is on the East side of the building so I always know to make noise early in the morning when the snakes are warming themselves!