by runningwaterpottery3533



I finally got a break from the wind and finished planting the peppers this morning. Including the 7 in the new raised planting bed that I made from the old stock tank, I have 161 peppers. That’ll make your back hurt! I’m thinking of finding a small stool for picking season.

I have hot Jalapenos, mild Jalapenos, Sweet Bananas, Lady Bells, Anaheims and Sandias which are supposed to be hot. These peppers will be sold at the Plainview Area Farmers Market beginning in Mid July. The market is located on the Tractor Supply parking lot off of west Highway 70 in Plainview, behing McDonalds and Sonic restaurants.

I will also have some pottery for sale! There will be some ollas, bird feeders, lemonade/ice tea sets, and some ‘pepper pots, decorated with bright glazes and 3-D, sculpted, peppers! Maybe I’ll have some collanders, utensil drainers, and canteens too. Come on out in mid July and shop the Plainview Area Farmers Market!

This space has a 3 zone drip system on it with an automated controller in the well house which is out of sight just to the right of the garden space.

Tomorrow, I’ll prepare another row of cucumbers and a few rows of okra much in the same way that you saw in the community garden posts a month ago.