Automated drip into an Olla

by runningwaterpottery3533


Automated drip into an Olla

I planted 18 cucumbers yeasterday, on a fence type of trellis. The trellis is about 60 feet long and it’s in poor soil, mostly caliche. So, I put in 5 of the 1 1/2 gallon ollas on the south end of the trellis where the wind hits it and on the north end where the caliche is really bad I put in 3 of the 1 gallon ollas. Those are the last ones I had so I’ll have to make more. I’m going to have my automated drip system fill up those 8 ollas while the other cucumbers will be watered, using the same automated system, with surface application. This will be a good side by side comparison with a good control group.

Notice the small rubber hose, lower left, going into the olla and the caliche rock on top of the olla. Instead of the rock as a lid, I’ll make more lids with an appropriate sized hole for the tube. That rock is probably an average size for this garden space. It’s a rock pile…a real ankle breaker if you step on one!

The cucumbers are planted, under the mulch, on the far side of the olla where the trellis is located. I will train the vines up the trellis as they grow and that way my back won’t complain (too much) and the fruit grows straight and doesn’t have that yellow spot from ground contact!