This really is a pottery blog!

by runningwaterpottery3533

This is what I do at this time of year; plant a garden. As soon as I get it going, I’ll get back to the pottery. My summer class starts on Monday so I’ll have the pots going again. Some will be made at the University studio and some at the studio at the farm. If you recall the first post, I think it was, I had a photo of the place showing the buildings from a distance. This garden would be at the far left, the raised bed in the middle and the pottery studio on the far right.

I took some ollas to this garden. I’m going to fill them using a 1/4″ distribution line through a hole in the lid. I’ll have to make new lids but this way, I can combine some ancient and modern technology. We can, maybe, see a side by side comparison of several irrigation methods.