Olla Delivery

by runningwaterpottery3533

   I will make a delivery to Nazareth on Tuesday, 5/22/12, evening at 6:00 PM. I’ll be in touch with Darryl and see where the delivery will take place. For those in Lubbock, I’ll email you to make arrangements.

   I have a firing going on right now which should be finished later this afternoon. Then I will start another kiln and it will be through on Monday at lunch. Then I will do the final kiln load and stay up till midnight and finish it so it will be cool enough to unload Tuesday afternoon. That’s the plan and it seems to be working very well. I don’t like firing around the clock but I lost a week to to rain and we need to get our gardens planted so I gotta make hay (pots) while the sun shines. I always thought we baled at night…