Building A Raised Planting Bed

by runningwaterpottery3533

   This morning, I started building a raised planting bed from an old livestock watering tank. I went to the landfill and picked up a FREE load of wood chip mulch to use. The bed is going to be a lasagna bed where you build layers. I’m using whatever free and available materials that I can find.

   I began by filling the bottom of the tank with 2-3 year old prairie sunflower stalks in a layer 6″ deep. Then I added the woodchip mulch; about 14″ deep. Next came the raw cow manure about 4″-6″ deep; ‘size’ varies! The next layer was the remains of a large round hay bale that the cows had eaten and ‘taken care of their business’ on last summer. That layer is the finest and most fertile yet. The final layer will be spread late this afternoon. This will be weed free topsoil purchased at the local nursery. I spent my $ where I thought it would do the most for me. The wood chip mulch is free but I think it will tie up alot of fertility while it tries to break down this first year. It’s very heavy in carbon content so it will be a sloooow process. The topsoil will allow me to get started with an actual cash or kitchen crop this season and it should be weed free…until the first time the wind blows or a bird perches on that top rail frame.