Some information about the pottery.

by runningwaterpottery3533

The mailing address for the pottery is:

Running Water Pottery P.O. Box 162 Edmonson, TX 79032 (806) 296-0905 or (806) 291-1082 If you would like to email me type ‘pottery’ in the subject line and send to or you may contact me through the comments link here on the blog.

School is still going on right now so I’m throwing pots in the school’s ceramics room, hence the multiple kick wheels. Grades go in late Friday and graduation is on Saturday, May 5. Afterwards you should see a bit of a change in the studio photos as I will be ‘fuller’time at my own workshop, out in the wilderness of northwestern Hale County, TX! I can’t wait!

Here are the sizes and prices for the ollas that I am currently making. The fluid capacities are approximate.

1/3 gallon…..$15 or 2 for $26

1/2 gallon…..$18 or 2 for $30

1 gallon……..$23 or 2 for $38

1 1/2 gallon…$28 or 2 for $48

I don’t have a PayPal account or some similar thing set up. If the ollas prove to be a popular item and I make hundreds and hundreds of them, then I can do it. Let me know if you would like to have an olla. I’m working on filling the first order. I hope to have all of them ‘ in the clay’ as potters say within the next three days. Then I’ll fire them and get them delivered.