Olla Project

by runningwaterpottery3533

   I took about two dozen of the ollas to the Home Merchantile Annual Gardening Show in Nazareth, TX, yesterday. The response to them was very positive and I came home with only three! As a result, I think there is validity to the idea of making the olla a regular item in my pottery production.

   This morning I began recycling some more clay so that I can fill the olla orders that I took at the garden show. In my studio, I have clay that I bought years ago that is still in the plastic bags that it was shipped in. After years of sitting in the studio, it eventually dries out and I break it up and add water to make it useable again. The nice thing about clay is that it does not have an expiration date; afterall, it laid in the ground for a few million years before I ever ‘owned’ it.

   Thank you to everyone who bought an olla. Since I am thinking about being a local olla producer, I would encourage those who bought them to somehow get feedback to me and others, possibly on this blog in the “Comments” area, and let us know what you are doing with them. Tell us things like the size of your planting bed, is it new or established, raised or ground level, lasagna or traditional. Also include the number of plants, the kind of plants and the plant spacing. Perhaps,also, let us know what kind of exposure to wind and sun you have. Those were some of the questions that were being asked yesterday and it would be a nice thing if we had some kind of a forum that everyone could access and talk about their ollas.

   I’ll post a few photos of the clay recycling and look into starting an olla discussion. Thanks again to everyone at the garden show!