The Property: A Panoramic View

by runningwaterpottery3533

   Here is a view of my property looking to the North from County Road G in NW Hale County TX. The pottery is in an old farmhands’ house on the far right, by the last tree on the right. The building in the middle is the old headquarters/ranch house of C.C. Slaughters’ Running Water Ranch dating to the late 1800’s. The building on the far left is the house I grew up in. In the foreground you see part of the conservation easement which consists of appx 75+/- acres of native short grass pararie and a playa.

   There is also abundant wildlife on the site including prairie dogs, Texas Horned Lizard( horny toads), wood peckers, rattlesnakes and deer. This is all smack dab in the middle of cotton country, 50 miles North of Lubbock, TX.